Espirito Santo Brazil real life Purge as Police on Strike #PrayForES #ESpedesocorro

Espirito Santo in Chaos

Espirito Santo Brazil real life Purge as Police on Strike

The Brazilian state of Espirito Santo has recently had it’s police force go on strike, and chaos has gripped the main cities. Many residents are taking to twitter (#PrayForES #Espedesocorro to beg for help as the government has done nothing yet to stop the chaos. Reports from twitter have the count of those killed over the weekend at 51 so far. The President of the Republic Michel Temer has reportedly said he will be sending the Armed Forces and the National Public Security Force to the city, however the timelines are not yet stated. The lack of policing of the streets have created an atmosphere where looting, shootings, carjacking and robbery has run rampant.

Chaos In The Streets

Schools Closed

Federal University of Espirito Santo All classes and activities cancelled

The Federal University of Espirito Santo has cancelled all classes and activities today showing the seriousness of the events taking place within the city.

Translation via Google Translate: The Central Administration of Ufes informs that, prioritizing the safety and well-being of students and servers of the University, decided to suspend academic and administrative activities on Monday, 6, in its four campuses – Goiabeiras, Maruípe, Alegre and São Mateus.

Throughout the day, after evaluation of the events that are occurring in the state, new information will be passed on the return of activities at the University.

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